About Gasway

Here at Gasway we believe the best way for you to discover more about us and for us to explore how we might be able to help you is for you to take the first step and contact us.


About Gasway

“Everything you need to know about ‘The Gasway Story’ in 20 seconds or less”

  • Founded in 1982
  • Currently the largest gas company in East Anglia
  • Over 130 employees with over 100 engineers
  • Proven credentials to deliver large public sector housing projects
  • Reputable client base and track record serving large Public Housing Contracts
  • Our continued desire for growth has led to the recent acquisition of Milgas Services Ltd, a gas heating services and installation business based in Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire.

Gasway Story

Gasway was founded by Bob Betts and Graham Swift in Norwich. Both trained at British Gas before realising that there was an opportunity to create a private company, offering an alternative, local home boiler service and installation service to British Gas.

Bob’s son, Liam Betts, became Gasway’s first apprentice. There were now 4 people employed at Gasway. Liam worked through the business to become a fully qualified engineer, to then working in the office. He then became part of the management team, and is now Managing Director.

The business moved into its first office premises at 13 Barrow Close, Sweet Briar Industrial Estate. The company continued to grow, now employing professional customer advisors to answer the telephones and more engineers, allowing the company to cover Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire.

Derrick Rust-Andrews left Norwich City College and joined the company to head up our apprenticeship programme, working with 7 apprentices. He continued to progress through the business and is now our Compliance Director.

The continued growth of the business meant it expanded into the adjoining building to increase the work space. 30 people were now employed by Gasway.

Our Boiler Cover Plans which protect all makes and models against boiler breakdown, including all servicing and maintenance were introduced.

Because the company’s growth continued, new and bigger premises were sought. A new building was chosen with purpose built-in office space (7,000 sq ft) – all required to fit for our expanding call/contact centre team, office staff, engineers and large stock of spare parts.

Barry Ellis joined from the Grafton Group as head of UK Acquisitions. He is now our Operations Director. The company now employed 52 people.

As part of the strategic growth plan, Nick Bartram and Dave Brown joined the board; whilst continuing to maintain high standards and good quality customer service.

GBS heating is purchased by Gasway in 2015, giving Gasway a foothold in London and the South East.

Acquisition of Milgas Services Limited in 2017

Over 200 people are now employed within the business spread over East Anglia and London.

The Gasway Management Team

Liam Betts – Managing Director

Liam was the first apprentice Gasway appointed and has risen through the ranks to become the Managing Director of the company. A stickler for strong customer service, he is always driving the company to make continuous improvements and move the Gasway brand forward.

“We simply can’t deliver excellence and achieve growth without solid, trusting and loyal partnerships. Partnerships are essential and critical for the success of everyone”

Rob Whitwood

Finance Director

Rob has been in Finance and Accounting roles since he left school.

With a diverse background across a range of sectors, he supports Gasway in achieving its financial objectives.

Nick Bartram

Social Housing Director

Nick joined the company 3 years ago to speardhead the cultural change to being customer service leading.

Responsible for consumer and Social Housing service delivery, Nick lives off customer service metrics and feedback to make Gasway a stronger service company.

AnnMarie Seale

Human Resources Manager

A new addition to the team, AnnMarie joined to support the team delivering it’s employee support programme, including the newly formed apprentice programme.

What do we do?

We are leading specialists within the gas appliances and boilers market. Not only are we a quality operation and a big regional player but we also have the track record and the credentials to prove it.

We are East Anglia’s largest gas company and operate with all the proper governance you would expect from such an established reputable company.

Amongst other large scale projects we specialise in delivering large public sector housing projects for local government.

We also specialise in the servicing of all gas appliances, boilers and central heating systems for domestic property owners and landlords, along with full installations and boiler upgrades.

Why we do what we do

Most companies can tell you ‘what’ they do but very few companies can you tell you ‘why’ they do it.

What is their big vision?

Their driving purpose?

Their cause to champion?

Here at Gasway we are not one of ‘those’ companies with no purpose. We have a crystal clear vision and a super defined sense of purpose which literally sets us apart from most other companies within this sector. In the most simple and easy to understand way, here is ‘WHY’ Gasway exists:

“We imagine a world where the vast majority of potential business partners and local government agencies can wake up everyday knowing that they no longer have to settle for average or mediocrity when it comes to selecting a partner to work with on their important projects.”

“We also imagine a world where we are selected and chosen by potential partners based primarily on our values first and foremost. This is then backed up by our proven track record, reliability, commitment to proper governance, ability to provide world class service and our highly competitive value that we always offer too.”

How we bring this cause to life is by always being true to the Gasway values.

Integrity – we believe in the quality of being honest and truthful and having strong moralprinciples. Without trust their is never any future.

To Serve – we believe the ONLY way to build successful relationships is to serve others first and we consistently behave this way with all clents and partners.

To Support – we believe it’s not only the extra-mile gestures that are important like so many others believe,that’s important but not at the expense of doing what we said we would do in the first place and being consistent with this all the time.

Gasway Success Stories

Gasway know that it’s not what they say about themselves that matters, it’s what their strategic partners say about them that has 10,000x more power and influence in helping you decide if Gasway are a potential good fit for you and your projects.

About Gasway’s Business to Consumer Division

What do we do?

We are not your ‘average’ local heating company.

We are a dedicated group of people who promise to treat you and all our customers as though you are members of our own family.

We are a 2nd generation, family run business with over 120 employees and have been serving residents in and around Norwich and the East Anglia area for over 30 years.

You may or may not have needed our help in the past, however if today’s visit is because you do need some help, then I invite you to get in touch and experience what sets us apart as the region’s leading family run heating business with the very best service for miles around.

We can help you with anything from services, to repairs, to new installations to cover plans. Myself and The Gasway team are ready to help make your life easier and hassle-free. Enjoy your visit, scroll down to explore how we can help you.

Discover the 7 reasons why so many local people choose to CALL Gasway

Fixed Pricing

– The price we quote you is the price you pay… GUARANTEED!

We can’t put this any simpler really.

We just don’t believe in ‘hood-winking’ or hiking up the price later with some unforeseen ‘extras’. Honesty and transparency with great value is our aim and our Fixed Pricing is how we achieve this for you.

Have you tried ringing around recently for a heating engineer? If you can actually get hold of one, then the next challenge is trying to make sense of the pricing.

Some charge call outs, some don’t. Some charge in advance, some do part payment upfront, some do pay as you go.

It’s a complex minefield and it doesn’t have to be.

We use our fixed rate pricing mechanism and quote you directly over the phone

It makes your life simple and at least you know the price you are paying before we even attend the property.

Local people (just like you) trust us and recommend us.

We wanted you to know that majority of our customers come from the best advertising known to man – Word of mouth and recommendations.

There is no better form of marketing that has the credibility of recommendations from satisfied customers.

Some of the awesome testimonials that we have received over the years can be found further down this page, we’ll share them with you shortly.

Your SAFETY matters to us and ALWAYS comes first!

We strive to ensure that our service is brilliant (more on that in a moment). What really matters to us is your safety and this is why all our engineers are our own in-house engineers and not sub-contractors. All our engineers are fully conversant with the latest regulations on Gas Safety and trained to ACS and GAS SAFE REGISTER standards

When it comes to heating we can do… well, EVERYTHING actually!

We don’t say this to impress you, far from it. We say it to impress upon you that we literally ‘DO’ every kind of heating system that you can imagine including gas, oil, electrical and even LPG.

When we say ‘DO’ we mean we can install it, repair it, service it and even offer you a cover plan to protect it.

We really do do EVERYTHING!

FREE quotes for all customers and a helpline number with real human being on the end.

Biggest question we ever get asked is; ‘Can you tell me how much it is going to cost please?’ Price is important to you, we get that. It’s why we always offer free quotes so that you always have all the information you require before deciding if we are the right company to help you.  Free Quotes and maximum availability are just some of the many reasons that people choose Gasway.