Gasway Partners

“We simply can’t deliver excellence and achieve growth without solid, trusting and loyal partnerships.
Partnerships are essential and critical for the success of everyone”

– Liam Betts, Managing Director, Gasway

Two types of partner tend to be attracted to Gasway.

1) Professional buyers of gas servicing contracts and/or installation contracts for local council run operations that have a number of houses to serve. Contracts tend to be in the worth £1m+ category.

2) Private Business Partners such as large estate agents or potential investors.

Gasway know what makes current partners feel safe when choosing a supplier or their projects and contracts. It’s not always about ‘who’s the cheapest’.
Gasway partners’ know that ‘best’ and ‘cheapest’ never come together.

The most commonly asked questions about Gasway from potential partners.

  • Do Gasway have the size and the scale to cope?
  • Do Gasway have the necessary stature and prestige that clients like to see?
  • Do Gasway have the ability to cope with £1m+ contracts?
  • Do Gasway have the necessary credentials and proper governance in place?
  • Do Gasway have a proven track record with the success stories to back it up?
  • Do Gasway attract inspired engineers and other highly skilled personnel?
  • Do Gasway have a forward thinking philosophy instead of a ‘dark-ages’ approach?

Here are the Gasway partners who chose them based on the fact that they answered YES to all the above questions.

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