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*No Payment Upfront for Our Time

We do not charge customer for our time upfront.  We may request payment for certain parts upfront, but we will never charge you upfront for our labour costs

12 Month Guarantee On All Parts

All parts fitted come with a 12 month manufacturers parts warranty.  In the unlikely event that the part we have fitted become defective, we will replace it through the manufacturers warranty policy terms.

Gasway Boiler Cover Plan Terms and Conditions

  • Cover can be taken out for any domestic gas appliance or multiples thereof.
  • Same day callout providing call is received by 12.00 noon subject to availability of an engineer.
  • Safety check – At the time of the Annual service visit the service engineer will check the safe operation of the appliance serviced.
  • Annual visit – A service engineer will, by prior appointment, service the specified appliance once a year during the period April to August – plus clean and adjust as necessary.
    • Where payment is annually in advance, the service contract is valid for one year from the date of notified acceptance of the contract and for each year it is renewed.
    • Where payment is by monthly instalments, the service contract is an annual agreement and shall remain valid from year to year from the date of notified acceptance of the service contract and for each period it is renewed. If any due instalment remains unpaid, the service contract will automatically terminate and Gasway Services Ltd will seek to recover the outstanding instalments.
    • Payment for the service contract is made;-
  3. Annually in advance, or,
  4. By monthly instalments to be paid as notified by Gasway Services Ltd to the customer.
    • The renewal date of the service contract will be the yearly anniversary of the date the contract first commenced. Notification of the renewal charge will be sent in advance of the renewal date.
    • This service contract shall remain valid for so long as no payments are outstanding pursuant to the conditions of this contract.
    • Gasway Services Ltd reserves the right to refuse to offer renewal of any service contract.
    • If the ownership of the premises in which the appliance covered by this service contract changes, the new owner may have the benefits of the contract for the remainder of the period for which payment has been paid. This applies to annually paid contracts only. Service contracts paid by monthly instalment can only be transferred by prior arrangement with Gasway Services Ltd.
    • Acceptance of the appliance onto the service contract does not imply that it is installed satisfactorily or legally
    • At the time of the first service visit, Gasway Services Ltd reserve the right to cancel the contract and refund any monies paid, for reasons of safety, accessibility, installation and condition of the appliance and connected system.

       The following are excluded from service contracts:

  • Weekends and bank holiday callouts (Except for Platinum cover)
  • Continuous callouts for intermittent faults that are not apparent at the time of engineer’s visit
  • Adjustments to time and temperature controls
  • Any defect on the central heating system or inadequacy attributable to the design of the central heating system/installation
  • Any defect or damage occurring from the failure of the public Electricity, Water, Gas or Oil supply.
  • If following a site visit by a service engineer, a recommendation to repair a fault is not carried out, Gasway Services Ltd reserves the right, after due consideration of all the facts, to invalidate the service contract.
  • No pipes, ducts or electrics contained within the fabric of the building i.e. in floors or walls.
  • Gas supply pipe work from meter to appliance isolation point unless plan includes Gas supply pipe work cover.
  • Any damage caused by aggressive/hard water resulting in scale, shale and/or sludge
  • Any secondary flue systems located in the fabric of the building
  • Electrical supply up to and including the isolation point
  • Domestic cold water storage cistern.
  • Any defect or damage occurring as a result of freezing conditions
  • Any defect or damage caused to persons or property as a result of water damage.
  • Any defect or damage caused to or occurring as a result of third party interference or remedial work
  • Any other part of the heating system including radiators, valves and all associated heating and hot water pipe work – (Exclusion applies to Silver cover only).
  • The cost of replacing system inhibitors shall be met by the customer if this is required
  • The cost of power-flushing shall be met by the customer if this is required.
  • All hot/cold water supply pipe work and any secondary circulation pumps/pipe work
  • Kickspace heaters, e.g Myson
  • Towel rails
  • Unvented cylinders, thermal stores or any other combination appliance are covered only if an additional appliance cover is purchased, none of these type of appliances are covered on any other level of cover.
    • Any alterations/modifications to the system must be notified to Gasway Services Ltd prior to commencement of works
    • The maximum sum covered, including parts, labour and VAT is £800 (£1000 for platinum cover) in any one year of cover.
    • In the event of parts being obsolete or the boiler being beyond economical repair, an allowance of £400 shall be given against the cost of a replacement boiler or the remaining sum of the maximum annual coverage (7.2) whichever is less.
    • The allowance shall only be given if Gasway Services Ltd carries out the replacement within the period of an active plan.
    • With Gas supply pipe work cover; in the event of a gas escape on pipe work buried within the fabric of the building, old pipe work shall be made redundant and a new supply shall be run.
    • It is your responsibility to book a service within the 12 month period, the service cannot be carried over and there will be no reimbursement if a service is not carried out





    • If you cancel your contract with us we will not normally give a refund. However you are entitled to a refund if you cancel within 7 days of commencement or renewal provided we have not carried out any work on any appliance or system covered. If we have carried out works, we will charge you an amount that covers the cost of work carried out.
    • If you are paying by monthly instalments, any instalments still outstanding shall remain payable to expiry date.
    • We will cancel your agreement if
  2. You have given false information
  3. You do not make an agreed payment

An emergency relating to any of the following areas of internal plumbing of your home;

  • The internal hot and cold water pipes between the main internal stopcock and the internal taps.
  • The cold water storage tank.
  • The failure of the toilet to function where it is the only toilet in your home you can use.
  • A leak which cannot be contained from:

your toilet cistern;

  1. shower fixtures and fittings which cannot be controlled;
  2. the internal section of the overflow pipe; or
  3. hot and cold pipework.
  4. A leak or blockage to the water supply pipe.
    • Damage to water pipes to and from and in detached outbuildings, fountains, swimming pools, ponds, other decorative garden features, garden taps, treatment plants, roofs, or other external property.
    • Refilling the heating system with additives such as corrosion inhibitor.
    • Repair or replacement of;
  6. cylinders;
  7. mains cold water stopcock ;
  8. steel or asbestos water tanks;
  9. immersion heaters;
  10. heating controls;
  11. water circulating and pressure pumps;
  12. radiators and radiator valves;
  13. steel or lead pipes;
  14. shower units and fittings, trays or enclosures and associated pumps;
  15. heated towel rails;
  16. washers or taps;or
  17. Macerator systems and sanitary ware and associated pumps.
  18. A leaking central heating radiator where you or your tenant are able to turn off the radiator and stop the leak.
  19. Repairing or replacing the mains water stopcock
  20. oversink water heater
  21. domestic appliances connected to water supply
  22. water hammer
  23. cold water pipe insulation
    • Dealing with temporarily frozen pipes which have not result in confirmed damage.
    • A leaking central heating radiator where you are able to turn off the radiator to stop the leak.
    • Any repair of underfloor heating systems.

An emergency relating to the blockage or damage to the waste or rainwater drainage pipes within the boundaries of your property, where the flow is being prevented.

  • Locating, unblocking and repairing of underground pipes and drains up to the boundary of your property where you are solely responsible for this.
    • Repair or replacement of:
  2. manholes, public sewers, soakaways, septic tanks, cesspits, treatment plants and their overflow pipes;
  3. Macerator systems or sanitary ware and associated pumps; or
  4. shower trays or enclosures;
  5. pipes where they are not the cause of the blockage.
    • Vacuum drainage systems or the cost of draining down where no appropriate drainage facility is available.
    • Claims relating to blockages which are in external pipes that are outside the boundaries of your property.
    • Pipes that are shared.
    • Making access to drain system points of entry (such as manhole covers) where these have been built over or covered over by flooring.
    • Damage to over-ground rainwater pipes and guttering.
    • A complete failure in the permanent domestic electrical wiring, including:
  7. Switches
  8. Sockets
  9. Fusebox











    • Repair or replacement of:
  2. a partial failure of the electrical supply within your home (for example a single socket not working or no lighting in one room).
  3. electrical appliances;
  4. spotlights and decorative floorlights;
  5. security systems;
  6. external fittings such as TV aerials and satellite dishes.
  7. non-permanent wiring
  8. mains supply up to fuse box.
  9. non domestic wiring / environments.
  10. Upgrade to internal electrical systems.
  11. light bulbs
  12. damage caused by rodents
    • A locksmith to gain entry if your locks are damaged or your keys are lost or stolen[*]
    • Board up windows damaged by a break-in[*], vandalism[*], storm or impact or accidental damage
    • Removing the following pest infestations from inside your home: wasp, bee and hornet nests, mice, rats, squirrels and cockroaches
    • Replacing broken or cracked internal glazing
    • Damage to windows that are over two storeys high or are in shared communal areas.
    • Misted double-glazed units
    • Seals and gaskets
    • General wear and tear to door and window locks and mechanisms
    • Damage caused by poor maintenance is not covered
    • Locks and/or keys for internal doors or outbuildings.
    • Replacement of damaged keys where another set is available or there is another means of access to your home.
    • Removal of pest infestations in your garden
    • Any parts within 14 days from the start of the first year of cover, where the fault is believed to be pre-existing.
    • Any incidents related to subsidence, landslip or heave.
    • If we have to dig on your property we will fill and level the ground, but will not replace the original surface or fittings.
    • The removal of asbestos.
    • Damage caused by a malicious act by you.
    • Any loss relating to business interests you may have including, without limitation, loss of profit or losses related to business interruption.
    • Any issue that arises from a lack of maintenance will not be covered.


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