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Gasway Football Tournament Wrap-up

Gasway football festival wrap up banner

The Gasway Football Festival wrap-up is here.

Ten teams entered representing the best of Gasway, Flagship and our supporting suppliers. But only one would take the coveted Gasway Football Festival Trophy home.

Gasway football festival teams v2

Football Festival Tournament Structure

Gasway football festival gameplay v2

The ten teams were divided up into two groups, over the course of the rounds each team would go against every other team in their group.

Games were 10 minutes long, winning a game would net a team 3 points, draws were worth 1 point and losses of course were worth zero.

After playing against each team in their group, points were tallied and two of each group moved into the final knockout rounds of the tournament. 

Knockout Rounds

Gasway football festival knockout round gameplay

After the rounds of matches within the groups,  we moved into knockout rounds.

The top of group A, "He Don't Want it" Faced off against Group B's runner up "Holden Hero's"

Group B's Finalist "Gasway Wanderers" went head to head against "Klopps & Robbers" Group A's runner ups.

Gasway football festival final grouping

Gasway football festival winner

The final round came down to Group A Finalist, "He don't want it" VS. Group B finalist "Gasway Wanderers" 

After a tense 10 minutes of evenly matched goals, it came down to a final round of sudden death penalties.

After a day of fierce high energy games, the final winner would be determined by a set of high-speed penalties as we were only minutes away from having to exit Carrow road stadium.

"He Don't want it" and "Gasway Wanderers" deflect goal after goal off of each other and it gets so tense you could hear a pin drop.

Finally, the "Gasway Wanders" manages to nail a goal against "He Don't Want it", crowning them as the winner of the Gasway football stadium.