Gasway win Training Initiative of the Year

We’re delighted to announce that on April 25, Gasway won the ‘Training Initiative of the Year’ award at the Heating & Ventilation News Award ceremony.

 As East Anglia’s largest heating company, Gasway’s continued growth and success is dependent on the ability to recruit and retain a highly skilled workforce. In October 2018, Gasway partnered with City College Norwich (CCN) to launch a ‘Gas Engineering Apprenticeship’ to train and develop eight new apprentices with the skills needed to match the business’ future aspirations.

 Ann Marie Seale (HR Manager at Gasway) said: “We identified CCN as a partner we wanted to work with. This was due to our established positive relationship with them, their passion to make a difference to people’s lives and the alignment with our business needs.”

 This is the second award the program has received, after being recognised by CCN for its “Overall Contribution to Apprenticeships.”

 Katy Dorman from City College Norwich said: “Gasway have placed the new apprenticeships at the heart of their recruitment and training strategy and provided them with exemplary support.”

The first group of apprentices began their training in November and they will be ready to go straight into employment with Gasway in 2020. Phillip Barnard, a successful Gas Engineering Apprentice spoke positively of the programme:

 Gasway are a forward thinking, professional company that offer support and development opportunities for their staff. I get plenty of working environment experience with a qualified experienced engineer and inhouse safety and technical training from professionals. This, combined with the learning at college, is giving me to best opportunity to stay in the industry and hopefully develop in the company”

 These awards demonstrate a commitment to bringing a steady stream of highly qualified engineers into the business.

 This year Gasway are excited to offer more apprenticeships to aspiring professionals. The next apprenticeship assessment day is scheduled for 4 July 2019.

 For more details on the apprenticeship scheme including how to apply, visit