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Gasway are East Anglia’s largest heating company and operate with all the proper governance you would expect from such an established and reputable company.

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Specialists in the servicing of all gas appliances, boilers and central heating systems for domestic property owners and landlords, along with full installations and boiler upgrades.

Latest News on Gasway

Gasway Expands at Rapid Rate

Fast expanding Gasway is celebrating after opening a new depot in Cambridgeshire and acquiring a London based business, with further expansion plans in the pipeline! The boiler repair and installation company has seen turnover grow from £2.6m to £10m in the past five years as it continues to win new business, while staff numbers have…

Gasway Form Partnership with Age UK to Support Isolated People

Gasway are supporting Age UK by helping support isolated people in ice and snow as part of a pioneering project backed by the Norwich Evening News.

Gasway Plays Key Role in Developing New Government Initiative

Gasway is celebrating after playing a key role in the development of a new government initiative aimed at improving the way apprenticeships are run.

Gasway visited by tenant representatives from Norwich City Council

Tenant representatives from Norwich City Council have paid a visit to Gasway as part of a programme initiated by the council to give them the opportunity to meet its key service providers.

Why Gasway?

“People don’t buy what we do, they buy WHY we do it.”

Most companies can tell you ‘what’ they do but very few companies can you tell you ‘why’ they do it. Gasway are not one of ‘those’ companies. Gasway have a crystal clear vision and a super defined sense of purpose which literally sets them apart from most other companies within this sector. In the most simple and easy to understand way, here is ‘WHY’ Gasway exists:

“We imagine a world where the vast majority of potential business partners and local government agencies can wake up everyday knowing that they no longer have to settle for average or mediocrity when it comes to selecting a partner to work with on their important projects.

“We also imagine a world where we are selected and chosen by potential partners based primarily on our values first and foremost. This is then backed up by our proven track record, reliability, commitment to proper governance, ability to provide world class service and our highly competitive value that we always offer too.”

How we bring this cause to life is by always being true to the Gasway values.

Integrity – we believe in the quality of being honest and truthful and having strong moralprinciples. Without trust their is never any future.</>

To Serve – we believe the ONLY way to build successful relationships is to serve others first and we consistently behave this way with all clents and partners.

To Support – we believe it’s not only the extra-mile gestures that are important like so many others believe,that’s important but not at the expense of doing what we said we would do in the first place and being consistent with this all the time.

Gasway Success Stories

“Everything you need to know about ‘The Gasway Story’ in 20 seconds or less”

  • Founded in 1982
  • Currently the largest gas company in East Anglia
  • Over 130 employees with over 100 engineers
  • Proven credentials to deliver large public sector housing projects
  • Reputable client base and track record serving large Public Housing Contracts

Gasway Partners

Two types of partner tend to be attracted to Gasway.

1) Professional buyers of gas servicing contracts and/or installation contracts for local council run operations that have a number of houses to serve, mainly in the social housing sector.

2) Private Business Partners such as insurance companies and boiler manufacturers.

Gasway know what makes current partners feel safe when choosing a supplier for their projects and contracts. It’s not always about ‘who’s the cheapest’.
Gasway partners’ know that ‘best’ and ‘cheapest’ never come together.

The most commonly asked questions about Gasway from potential partners.

  • Do Gasway have the size and the scale to cope?
  • Do Gasway have the necessary stature and prestige that clients like to see?
  • Do Gasway have the ability to cope with £1m+ contracts?
  • Do Gasway have the necessary credentials and proper governance in place?
  • Do Gasway have a proven track record with the success stories to back it up?
  • Do Gasway attract inspired engineers and other highly skilled personnel?
  • Do Gasway have a forward thinking philosophy instead of a ‘dark-ages’ approach?

Here are the Gasway partners who chose them based on the fact that they answered YES to all the above questions.

Gasway Success Stories

Gasway know that it’s not what they say about themselves that matters, it’s what their strategic partners say about them that has 10,000x more power and influence in helping you decide if Gasway are a potential good fit for you and your projects.

Gasway & Social Housing

Modern day solutions for modern day challenges are required in order to champion the cause of meeting the needs of helping our communities. Gasway are experienced at this and always ready to rise to the challenge.

It would be foolish to confuse Gasway as ‘just another gas company’ that are only capable of renovations. Gasway are no ‘one trick pony’ in fact they are far from it. Renovations are only part of our skill set when it comes to social housing.

Gasway also have a major commitment and desire to contribute toward creating new housing that benefits both the residents and their particular needs and also the environment too. Giving back by serving and supporting local communities with their unique skill sets is what makes Gasway ‘tick’ and satisfy their desire to feel fulfilled in their mission.

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Gasway & Social Responsibility

The health and safety of all Gasway customers and employees is of paramount concern to the entire Gasway brand and organisation at large.

Gasway seeks to be a good corporate citizen in everything that it does. They are committed to meeting the highest standards of corporate citizenship by protecting the health and safety of their employees, by safeguarding the environment and by creating a long-lasting positive impact on the communities where they do business.

Social Responsibility is integral to the way they conduct business. That’s why they’ve partnered up with Age UK in Norwich to support isolated people in cold months through a pioneering project backed by the Norwich Evening News.

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