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Here we'll aim to answer as many of your frequently asked questions as possible and provide some valuable tips. If we haven't answered your question below, We have probably answered it in our news section.

How to top up your boiler pressure
Topping up boiler pressure.

How to top up your boiler pressure

Sophie explains all in this video

Are you wondering how to sort your boiler pressure problem without calling someone out? Here is how to solve it...

For a written guide click here.

Reliable boilers installed by reliable engineers.

Gasway is East Anglia’s largest Heating company and has been trusted since 1982. One of our very own expert engineers will install your boiler for you. No third parties.

Understand your gas meter
Gasway Top Tips - Gas Meters

Understand your gas meter

Sophie talks you through it here

Ever wondered about the components of your gas meter and how to ensure you stay safe around it? Find out here...

For a written guide on how to read your gas meter click here.

Ask the experts

Your heating and boiler system doesn't have to be difficult to understand. We are happy to answer questions from our customers and we have done so on this page. If you have a specific question that isn't here, please get in touch.

How to reset your boiler
Resetting the boiler

How to reset your boiler

Sophie talks you through resetting your boiler

Is your boiler playing up? It might be time to reset it. Find out how to do this here...

For a written guide click here.

Energy-saving tips
Energy saving tips

Energy-saving tips

Sophie is back with some top tips to save energy

Are you worried that you're not doing enough to save energy? Here are some top tips...

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trusted since 1982 van and house

Trusted since 1982

Founded in Norwich in the early eighties Gasway have over 30 years' industry experience. Now with over 180 engineers, Gasway are the largest heating company in East Anglia and experts in all boiler types.

  • East Anglia's largest heating company
  • Gas Safe approved
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