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The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Arriving in April 2022

Reduce the upfront costs of getting a heat pump installed

green home energy efficency

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) arrives in April 2022. The Boiler upgrade scheme is designed to help homeowners in England and Wales making the initial  costs of air source and ground source heat pumps (ASHP/GSHP) more affordable.

What won’t be covered by BUS?
• Any home outside England or Wales
• New build developments
• Social housing properties
• Hydrogen boilers and Hybrid Heat Pumps (e.g. where a boiler and a heat pump are used in combination)

How much am I entitled to?
Currently, the BUS will contribute £5,000 towards the purchase of an ASHP or biomass boiler, and £6,000 for a GSHP

The BUS could significantly reduce the upfront costs of getting a heat pump installed - Currently funding will only cover 90,000 payments.

Initial government guidance suggests the funding's release will be staggered over three years. Meaning that the scheme could intermittently open and close if quarterly thresholds are met.

If you would like we can check your BUS eligibility when assessing your home’s suitability for a heat pump. Gasway could also confirm whether you are likely to be covered and quote you a design, installation and commissioning cost with the BUS contribution already factored in.

Gasway can be there to guide you through the application process.

Why not contact Gasway today to arrange an informal discussion and no-obligation quotation with one of our expert surveyors.