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The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

What is the boiler upgrade scheme?

Reduce the upfront costs of getting a heat pump installed

The Boiler upgrade scheme is designed to help homeowners in England and Wales make the initial costs of low-carbon heating systems more affordable. For example biomass boilers, air-source heat pumps and ground-source heat pumps.

This will allow homeowners to replace their fossil fuel boiler with a renewable alternative.

These three systems are covered by the scheme in different ways and have different levels of funding allocated to them.

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The New Boiler Upgrade Scheme

In a recent development, the Department for Energy Security and Net Zero has announced a change in grant levels, offering a boost to those looking to invest in air-source heat pumps, ground-source heat pumps, and biomass boilers. Effective from October 23, 2023, installers can apply for enhanced grant amounts, making the transition to eco-friendly heating solutions even more affordable. Here's a breakdown of the new grant levels:

Go Green This October GW
  • Air Source Heat Pumps: £7,500 off costs and installation.
  • Ground Source Heat Pumps: £7,500 off costs and installation.
  • Biomass Boilers: £5,000 off costs and installation.

If you are considering upgrading your system, there has never been a better time, and likely in the future, there will never be another scheme as good as this.

Voucher applications for heat pumps submitted on or after October 23, 2023, will automatically qualify for the increased grant amount, provided they meet BUS eligibility criteria and redeem the voucher within the validity period.

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Which low carbon heating system is right for my home?

Low carbon heating expert

Finding out which low-carbon heating system is right for you can be challenging, there are many pros and cons of heat pumps and biomass boilers.

In order to find the most energy efficient system, our best advice would be to invite one of our expert surveyors to take a look at your property. The survey is free and gives our experts the opportunity to give you the best advice available helping you save time and money.

What are the requirements for the boiler upgrade scheme?

The boiler scheme is open to homeowners and small business owners in England & Wales.

However, there are a few other requirements that you must meet to be eligible for the boiler scheme.

Firstly your property must have an installation capacity of 45kWt

Finally, you must have a valid Energy Performance Certificate. This Energy Performance Certificate cannot have any outstanding recommendations for insulation, as this will affect the performance of your chosen low-carbon heating solution.

How long does the boiler upgrade scheme run for?

Gasway renewable heating

The boiler upgrade scheme opened on April 1st of 2022, which affected anyone who had a low carbon heating system installed on, or after the date of April 1st.

However, applicants to the boiler scheme could only be made from the 23rd of May 2022 at the earliest. This means anyone who previously has had a low carbon heating system installed, can only enter the scheme after this point.

The boiler scheme requires that any system be installed on your property, be it a biomass boiler or a heat pump. Must be able to heat the space within your home and meet hot water heating requirements.

How do I access the boiler upgrade scheme?

You won't need to fill in any government documents or applications in order to access the boiler scheme.

The boiler upgrade scheme is installer led, which means your installer will apply for the boiler scheme on your behalf.

If you are approved the grant amount will be taken off of the final cost of your chosen low carbon heating solution.

Book your free survey today, to find out how low-carbon heating solutions can transform your home.

Further Information on the Boiler Upgrade Scheme


If you are looking for further information on the boiler upgrade scheme you can find some excellent information in this official department for business, energy & industry document.

Or you can check out the official government guidance on the scheme.

If you are looking for further advice or help around boiler grants, or any boiler installation, service or boiler repair then feel free to check out these links or get in touch with us here.