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New Partnership with Norwich City Football Club

Gasway are excited to announce a brand new partnership

Norwich City Womens Gasway Partnership banner

Gasway is excited to announce its partnership with Norwich City Football Club

Gasway has been a regional partner for Norwich City Football Club, for many years. This year our partnership comes with an exciting new twist.

In this fantastic new partnership with Norwich City Football Club, our logo will be on the back of the women's first team shirts on matchdays!

For Gasway this represents an excellent opportunity across our two industries, to highlight the importance of gender inclusivity.

Nick Bartram, managing director of Gasway. Is excited to launch the partnership. He said: “As a local heating specialist, Gasway is in male dominated industry, but we’re committed to changing this. And as a founding partner of the women’s team, we’re hoping that we can help to highlight the importance of gender inclusion both in sport and our own industry.

The popularity of women’s football has grown over recent years, and even more so with the Lionesses’ success in bringing football home. Their win is a massive milestone in sport. Through our partnership with Norwich City, we aim to increase the local interest in women’s football, and further support the sustainability of female athletes and competitions. Ultimately, we all need to do more about gender inclusion, and we’re delighted to be a founding partner of the women’s team"

Flo Allen, women’s team general manager. Is delighted that Gasway has partnered with our Women’s team.

“We are delighted to welcome Gasway on board as a founding partner of the women’s team. Our partnership with Gasway represents more than just a logo on a shirt, the alignment of the two organisations highlights the important messages of inclusion. We are looking forward to collaborating with Gasway and working together in partnership this season"

To read the full press release click here.

Norwich Womens Football Team Gasway Logo
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