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Cover Plan - Power Flush


References in these conditions to ‘Gasway’, ‘we’ and ‘us’ are references to Gasway Services Limited (company number 04158628), whose office is registered at 31 King Street, Norwich NR1 1PD 


1.1 While undertaking a power flush, access will be required to your premises at all times. You must ensure the working area is clear and free from all obstacles and hazards. Gasway shall not be liable for any delay in performing the power flush where this is due to your failure to comply with this clause. 

1.2 It is your responsibility to ensure before Gasway begins a power flush that there is adequate water, gas and electricity supply to your home and drainage. If not Gasway has the right to cancel the contract without liability on its part. 

1.3 Gasway will not be responsible for any leaks identified in the central heating system following a power flush unless this is due to our negligence. Should leaks occur Gasway will not be responsible for the taking up of carpets and floor coverings (including tongue and groove, parquet, hard wood, rubber, tiled floors or other). You may decide to call a specialist contractor to do this work for you. In such case, it will be your responsibility to replace the flooring when the work has been completed. Following our work Gasway will not be responsible for redecoration, cleaning or removing of odours that may be required. 

1.4 Following a power flush Gasway will not be responsible for replacement appliance components, radiators, auto air-vents, pumps and system pipework identified as requiring replacement due to the age and condition of the system. 

1.5 The aim of power flushing is to clean corrosion debris and limescale from heating systems as thoroughly as possible. Due to the materials system components are made from, specifically iron and steel, there will always be some corrosion debris on metal surfaces and subsequently in circulation. Similarly, fresh water added to systems will contain an amount of dissolved limescale, which can subsequently deposit onto systems components. Some corrosion debris may remain in the system after power flushing due to: 

i) System components (heat exchangers, diverter valves, thermistors, pumps, air vents / separators, pressure vessels, PRV’s, cold feed pipes, motorised valves, TRV’s, filling loops etc) may not allow all corrosion debris or limescale to be removed due to their design, position or condition. 

ii) Solid blockages in pipes or stuck valves can prevent circulation and therefore cleaning of a pipe circuit or radiator. 

iii) Ongoing corrosion due to design faults such as: systems pumping over into feed and expansion header tank, pumps drawing in air or the presence of different metals leading to electrolytic corrosion. 

1.6 Where design faults and faulty components have been identified Gasway will offer to rectify / replace as appropriate, and there will be an additional charge for such work. If you do not wish to pay for rectifications or Gasway is not able to carry them out then the Gasway will endeavour to clean the system as thoroughly as possible accepting the limits of the system. You accept the limitations of the services provided in these circumstances and that a completely thorough clean may not be possible. 

1.7 Boiler and heating system noises (e.g. kettleing heat exchangers, pipework noises) are often symptoms associated with debris and corrosion. Some noises can persist following a power flush, this is not an indication of the work not having been carried out thoroughly 

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